may, 2016

18may10:3012:00Women and Men Deliver: Do we dare gender?debate and movie screening

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Event Details

Debate  Do we dare engage and do we dare gender?


Gary Barker, global director and founder of Promundo.
Piv La Cour, vicechairperson DareGender
Shaka Loveless, musician, gender and development activist
Anton Baare, chairperson DareGender – development aid professional

Moderator: Manu Sareen (politician and writer. Former Minister of Children, Education, Gender Equality and Social Affairs)


Movie  Living Peace: The Story of Abby and Kyalu

Millions have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the heart of Africa. Where there is war, violence and evil, women, men, children and families struggle to survive. Behind the numbing figures of war and rapes are human beings with fears, hopes and rights. There are human beings with the determination to break the cycles of inter-personal violence — who against many odds dare to take personal responsibility for transforming gender roles to live for peace.

Why is a movie about gender-based violence, rape survival and personal and societal transformation of masculine stereotypes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) relevant in Denmark?

Because taking responsibility to achieve gender equality and social justice starts with ourselves in local communities. This means not tolerating harassment and violence – verbal, physical, psychological, or sexual. It means promoting diversity and dialogue. It means receiving those who flee war and violence with compassion and the willingness to engage those around us and those we receive in a conversation on gender roles, norms and behaviors. It means being critically aware of the interconnections between gender inequality, economic inequality, and other prevalent social and structural injustices, including xenophobia and homophobia.


(Wednesday) 10:30 - 12:00


Det hvide rum


DareGender (tidl. Forening for Fælles Ligestilling) og Promundo

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